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High-End of Range

Appearance consists with Integration of centre 7� TFT LC Display Module (automotive grade) with CCFL backlight and both side Analogue gauges (Zelor stepper Motor)

Latest Cutting edges technology product with 32 bit Micro Controller Unit (Fujitsu); Graphic Display Controller (Fujitsu); Flash RAM, SD RAM capable storage of memory up to 64Mbyte, support of MAX of 6 layer of Display, Option for Video Input as Reverse Camera with Distance Warning; Night Vision Caption Camera and GPS Mapping display.

Continue Improvement of TFT Solutions

In order to meet the current stringent market requirement on cost effectiveness, DDMAN continue improvement on the existing TFT platform, MCU had changed from existing 32bit to ARM 9 architecture (similar to current mobile application, speed of Microprocessor up to 400 MHz with capable to incorporate the operating system (OS) of window CE or Linux, RAM and ROM expandable to Gigabytes sizes, more slide display can be integrated and more complexity and swiping to variety of picture display.

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