About Us

Formed in year 2007 mainly focus on design and development service for Electronic Products to serve the Automotive industry in international markets. We combine high quality performance and services with value pricing to establish a successful partnership with our partners that respect the interests and goals of each party.

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Mechanical Box Design
From conceptual to complete product
Eletronic Hardware & Software
Schematic layout
PCB layout - CAM4 single sided double sided multi layer
MCU programming 8bit to 32bit Arm 9 - Fujitsu NEC Freescale
Direct driven stepper motor, LCD, Dot matrix LCD and TFT LCD
Test Verification & Validation
EMC and EMI compliance test
In car verification and validation test
Body Control Module
body control modules a generic term
for an electronic control unit responsible
for vehicle's body.
Careers Opportunity
Embedded Software Engineer
A software developer who optimizes his code according
to the hardware platform used.
Electronics Engineer
Mechanical Product Engineer